• Usual Treatment

There are different treatments for degenerative low back chronic pain depending on several aspects, such as the intensity or frequency of the pain.

lumbar disc disease stem cells

  •  Initially, treatment aims to stabilize the lumbar spine by doing exercises, correcting postural defects, if necessary reducing weight and administrating painkillers and muscle relaxant drugs.
  • When pain remains, physiotherapy and rehabilitation in specialized centers guidelines are implemented and may be resorted to infiltrations in its different variants.

If, after the established treatments, the lumbar discopathy pain remains in time surgical procedures such as the suppression of the movement, fixation of the affected area, may be used.

  • How are stem cells applied for lumbar disc disease?

In the cases where stem cell treatment is considered appropriate, personalized treatment authorization is requested to the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products.

The first step is to obtain bone marrow from the pelvis of the patient. The sample is sent to the cell therapy laboratory, which is duly accredited for the production of stem cells for human use.

During three weeks the selection and cultivation of stem cells is performed to obtain an amount of about 20 million for each disk. The resulting product is the cell that is inoculated percutaneously under fluoroscopic control in the affected vertebral disc. Both cell collection procedure and application in surgery is performed under light sedation and local anesthesia. You do not need hospitalization.

  • Risks

So far, the procedure has proved viable and there have been no adverse effects attributable to cellular product.

  • What are the results?

In the clinical study, lumbar discopathy patients were monitored and evaluated for one year. It was found that these patients showed a significant improvement of low back pain and disability in 9 of the 10 cases treated.

The assessment of efficacy compared to current surgical solutions can be considered similar or even higher, as long as the present case is well stated, with the advantage that it is a simple and conservative non-invasive procedure that preserves biomechanics of the spine and does not prevent future therapies in case of being ineffective.

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