• How is the treatment performed?

Previously, at no cost, the medical team assesses whether treatment is indicated by medical records, exploration and X-rays study and MRI Cartigram.

stem cell knee

Preoperative studies are conducted: Blood tests including serology infections for safety, chest radiography and electrocardiography.

A personalized treatment authorization is requested to the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products. If treatment is approved and the results of tests carried out are correct, the patient will undergo the following processes:

  • First Time: Obtain bone marrow

Under local anesthesia and light sedation, about 100 cc of bone marrow is aspirated from bone of the pelvis (buttock). The process takes about 25 minutes. It is recommended a relative rest of 24-48 hours.

Bone marrow is taken to the cell therapy lab where the process of selection and culture continues for about 3 weeks.  After this period, the ending product which  physicians will use consists of 40 million of stem cells, a product considered an advanced therapy drug.

  • Second Time: Cell inoculation in the knee or other joint

stem cell kneeAfter the antiseptic preparation, the cell product is injected in the joint (same procedure as infiltration of any drug). After 10 minutes in the recovery room, the patient is discharged.

It is recommended to rest for 48 hours and relative rest for a week.

Subsequently, according to the evolution, controls and rehabilitation guidelines are customized.

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