ivfIn Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is the assisted reproduction technique in which an egg is fertilised by the sperm in the laboratory. The fertilised egg, when ready (embryos), is transferred to the uterus. The rest of the embryos are frozen in case of failure in the first try.

In Spain there are no waiting lists for IVF treatment and the price is much lower than other European Countries. Our partnered clinic is one of the bests in the country working with a highly qualified team and the most advanced tecniques. You will be assigned a patient assistant that will speak in your language and will guide you through all the process. Also, during your stay in Spain, we will organize whatever you need, accommodation, restaurant reservation, city tours, gastronomic recommendations, beach trips, etc. We want you to be calm and don’t deal with the logistics of the trip, we will do that for you with NO extra cost.

egg donation egg bankingIVF can be done with own eggs or with donor eggs. Egg donation is one of the most demanded protocols for female fertility problems. This procedure is performed when there is:

  • No eggs (menopause, surgical treatments in treating tumors, etc)
  • Possible risk of transmission of hereditary disease
  • Low egg response or low quality (women over 45, unsuccessful IVF/ICSI cycles, repeated abortions…)

The results indicate that the chances of pregnancy per cycle with donor eggs in Spain are 73%. As for the chances of multiple pregnancy are at 13, 8%, well below the European average, which remains at around 20%, according to data from the ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology)

The Spanish law authorizes and regulates egg donation by Law 14/2006 on assisted reproduction techniques and by Royal Decree 412/1996.

In vitro fertilization (IVF) consists of three main phases:ivf

  1. Ovarian stimulation
  2. Obtaining eggs for fertilization and embryo culture
  3. Transfer of embryos in the uterus

This process takes around 2 weeks where you can return to your home country or enjoy of the good things of Spain.

IVF is used for both, female and male infertility. Also, is used in cases where Artificial Insemination (AI) has not successed.

The most widely reported side effect associated with IVF is multiple pregnancy. In Spain, the average rates of multiple pregnancy are much lower than in the rest of Europe.

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