Breast Cancer is the most frequent cancer in woman. Our partnered Clinic is one of the leading clinics specializing in breast cancer treatment and reconstruction. Their goal is to completely remove the tumor and achieve the best possible aesthetic result.

Our Medical Provider has a highly professional staff that will make the patient feel as comfortable as possible and at the same time will work with the highest levels of efficiency.

breast cancer

All instruments and equipment are constantly updated to the latest state of the art standards. The Clinic is renowned for its medical services and installations.

Within one week since diagnosed, they will make a complete personalized plan for the patient’s whole treatment, including mastectomy and reconstruction if necessary. The physicians will arrange an individual tailor-made program. We provide complete assistance to our patients and guests in their native language during their whole stay. All the medical team – oncologist, radiologist, reconstructive surgeon, etc. – will work together to completely remove the tumor with as few complications as possible. The best coordination of tumor removal and breast reconstruction is the key to maintaining the patients’ quality of life.

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