Partner Selection Criteria


  • National/International Accreditations
  • Member of a national/international medical association
  • More than 10 years experience
  • More than 100 procedures per month
  • Category Specialization
  • On-going medical training


  • Excellent infrastructure
  • Latest technology in medical equipment
  • Strong privacy procedures
  • Excellent Location & Accessibility
  • Continuos training of staff
  • Recovery and Patients room

Touristic Agencies

  • More than 5 years experience
  • Outstanding client service
  • Excellent networking

Privacy Protocols

Risk Assessment

All clients that are going to be treated must complete a Medical Questionnaire related with the procedure. This information is essential for the physician to better know the clients condition.

The client will receive a document with the possible complications and risks of the procedure. To avoid these risks we work hard to have a good bidirectional flow of information (client – physician) and we are partnered with excellent physicians/clinics in Spain. They have the experience, resources and technology so that these risks are minimal.

Payment Policy

Payment Process

A deposit will be made once the customized package is accepted. All prices will be detailed and disaggregated as one of our values is Transparency.

Medical treatments will be payed directly in the clinic.

Cancellation policies/refunds


Patients and Providers

Criteria to determine which hospital/clinic suit clients needs will depend on:

  • Client preference
  • Medical specialties

Continuity of Care

Aftercare is a priority in our service.

Our service exceeds from offering you an excellent treatment. Aftercare is a priority and a crucial part in our service.

You will receive Immediate Aftercare which consists in:

  • Clear aftercare instructions from the doctor
  • Availability of nursing staff
  • Transportation appropiate to clients medical care needs

“Back Home” Aftercare:

  • Clients will receive a complete doctors report that details the procedures performed and recommendations for an optimal recovery process
  • Follow-up: KENKO will mantain frequent contact with clients – once they are back home – and providers.