Fertility treatment techniques have allowed thousands of couples to fulfill their dream of being parents. Delaying age for motherhood/fatherhood and current lifestyles are the main reasons for infertility problems. Assisted reproduction and new developments in this area can solve fertility problems of many couples and people with reproductive desire.

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Spain is one of the countries with highest prestige in fertility treatments. Comprehensive legislation along with the excellence of its professionals has placed the country as the destination of choice for fertility treatments.

The advantage of Spain regarding the donation of gametes (eggs and sperm) is that it is done anonymously. In other countries, this anonymity is forbidden, thus donations have fallen and treatments that require donations have long waiting lists In Spain there are no waiting lists in private clinics, Another benefit of anonymity and the influx of donors is that donation treatments are not as expensive as in other countries.

The Spanish law authorizes and regulates egg donation by Law 14/2006 on assisted reproduction techniques and by Royal Decree 412/1996.